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1st Edition Solution Focused Research Review

What is solution-focused therapy?

Over the recent years, the solution focused practice has been very popular worldwide. With so many problems that people face on a daily basis, there is no wonder psychotherapists have sought since long ago a new approach that can help clients find solutions for every difficulty they meet during their lives. Regardless of whether you have a conflict with a London colleague at work, or you need some family therapy, the Thinktank solution focused has generated positive effects.

Described as a type of specialized conversation, this practice focuses on realistic goals and considers that all humans possess some kind of knowledge of what improves their lives. Some of them need assistance and advice with the details so that they can eventually use their skills and create solutions. This vision has helped numerous persons like abused children, guys who had couple troubles with their friends, those who broke the law and many more.

Its key concept is the discussion aimed towards the development of the client’s perspective of solutions. They are asked different questions that will show them clearer answers and methods to achieve what they need. Also, the examiner will search for previous ideas and situations that could possibly be an option to the current issue. It is known that most individuals have resolved diverse difficult situations in the past and may have the key to future ones.

In case you do not have a former solution that can be used, this therapy will identify exceptions to the present issue. The exception may refer to a spontaneously and unintentionally occurrence that existed instead of the problem. In general, the specialist will direct his interest to present and future questions because it is commonly believed that persons should better think about what currently works and not the source of the dilemma.

Another important part of the Thinktank solution focused is the compliment. Patients will receive praise for their progress and acknowledgement for the hardship they encountered. This encourages the change in their lives and will give them the feeling that someone listens and cares about their situation. Once the doctor has set a positive mindset, he teaches the person to continue with the previous good actions or change them with new ones that he brought up.

The solution-focused therapy is a wonderful process for those who need support and orientation. It directs one to future and not to the present issue. In a couple of sessions you will determine the resources you have and how they can help you deal with the burdensome experience. If you cannot handle the obstacle you meet, do not hesitate and call for help. Explore the techniques used in this goal-driven procedure and see the future optimistically!

Prescription medication side effects

Hives is a severe allergic condition that affects the skin resulting in body itching, raised skin patches and in some cases hives can even sadly develop under your eyelids and inside your throat. In most cases, the trigger of hives can be difficult to determine or cannot be determined at all. Therefore the only option becomes the treatment.

There are many treatment methods out there, some of them which are effective but you have to pay the price of their side effects. If you do not want to risk having side effects, you can try Oxyhives, an over the counter drug that effectively treats hives and with zero side effects. Unlike the prescription antihistamines, it won`t make you drowsy, and neither is it addictive. According to user`s feedback Oxyhives works almost instantly, simply two sprays under the tongue and the hives will go within 1-2 hours.

group of people

Some prescription meds and their side effects

Anti-inflammation drugs. Oral corticosteroids, like prednisone, might help to decrease the itching, swelling, and redness. They are used for a short term because they can cause serious side effects in the long term.

Antidepressants. Some of the most common antidepressants used in cream form like tricyclic doxepin (Zonalon), can be effective in helping to relieve itching. However, they can cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Steroids. In some cases when antihistamines don’t seem to work for you, the doctor can prescribe you a corticosteroid. Corticosteroids will help by calming the immune system. This can reduce the severity of your hives.

They are usually taken in a pill or a shot. Some of the common side effects, you are likely to face are; sleeping problems, blurred vision, gaining weight, frequent thirst and urination sensation, fluid retention, bone density problems and psychological effects. Usually, doctors will prescribe these medications for a short period. In the case of long-term use, other serious side effects like high blood pressure, thinning of bones (osteoporosis), cataracts, bruising and a high risk of infection might appear.

All that said, did you know that prescription drugs come fourth as the leading cause of death in the US. Each year, according to the US FDA, more than 2 million Americans individuals suffer from severe and adverse drug interaction reactions and this result in around 100,000 deaths per year. This is why it would be wise to opt for simple treatments like home remedies or Oxyhives.